I’ve found that, after a few years, it is simply not easy to find past posts in the Blog here. In fact, the search field is very powerful, but if one doesn’t know what they are looking for, browsing is really not convenient. So, I decided to put up this index. I’ll list every piece I’ve posted, organized by topic, each linked to the specific article. The categories will be: Technique, Practicing and General Guitar Topics; General Music and Teaching Topics; Guest Artists; Spotlights on Alumni; and Student Activities. Article titles will be organized alphabetically. I hope this feature helps readers find past posts more readily!

Technique, Practicing and General Guitar Topics

The Arpeggio I

The Arpeggio II: Preparing (Planting)

Balance I (Foreground and Background)

Balance II (In Music of Bach)

Balance III (Chords)

Chamber Music Score Prep

Dampening Strings

Eliminate the Hard Parts: Editing the Score

Emotional Content in Your Music

Finger It Differently on the Repeat

Fingering for Dotted Rhythms


The Hemiola

Left Hand Shifting

Lighten Up! Squeezing with the Left Hand

Making Faces While Playing

Memorizing Part 1: Three Legs to Stand On

Memorizing Part 2: Doing It Backwards

My Tortured Relationship with the Digital Tuner

Perfect Fingering or Sight-Reading: Reconciling Two Opposites


Playing Louder

Playing the Melody with Good Rhythm

The Pleasures and the Dangers of Reference Recordings

Practicing and the iPhone

Practicing I: What To Do in the Practice Room

Practicing II: Time Management

Practicing III: Hints and Tips

Preparing Lots of Music at the Same Time

Rhythm/Meter/Tempo/Groove: Playing in Time


Sight-Reading on the Guitar

The Slur (Ascending)

The Slur (Descending)

Stage Deportment I: Why We Bow

Stage Deportment II: Clothes

Stage Deportment III: Music Stands and Scores

Stage Deportment IV: Playing Well With Others

Tone Production

Tremolo I, Basic Routine

Tremolo II, Left Hand, Internal Accent and Rubato

Tremolo III, Tone, Legato and Accompaniment

Tuning the Guitar Without a Digital Tuner

Velocity: Fast i-m Alternation, Now

What To Do On Performance Day

Your Instrument’s Setup

General Music and Teaching Topics

Akron Guitar Program Survived!

Aron To Retire From Akron

Alumnus and Luthier, David Gohara, Donates Guitar to Oberlin

Chamber Music My Students Have Performed

Curiosity: Can It Help Us Become Better Musicians?

Guest Artists: Bringing the Word to Your Doorstep

Guest Artist Master List

Guitar and the Fulbright, Part 1

Guitar and the Fulbright, Part 2

Guitar Competitions

Guitar Music on Other Instruments

The Guitar Riches of Northeast Ohio I: Concerts

Luthier Mike Tracz Visits Oberlin

More Student Recitals

Oberlin’s Plucked Instrument Collection

On Being a Joiner

Programming: Creating Satisfying Recital Programs

The Student Recital Tour

Why Mixed Chamber Music?

Guest Artists

Guest Artists Master List (1981-present)

Agnew-McAllister Duo (flute/gtr)

Sergio Assad

Randall Avers (alum)

Denis Azabagic

Anton Baranov

Francis Biggi (lute)

Isaac Bustos

Jorge Caballero

Julius Carlson (alum)

Colin Davin

Chris Eldridge (alum/steel string)

Juan Jose Escobar (flamenco, with troupe)

Mark DelPriora

Marcin Dylla

Thibaut Garcia

Nicholas Goluses

Grisha Goryachev I

Grisha Goryachev II

Robert Gruca

Dieter Hennings w/CME for Zohn-Muldoon

Dieter Hennings plays Trigos and Ruders Concertos w/CME

Dieter Hennings, with Duo Damiana

Dieter Hennings with Zohn Collective and Tim Weiss

Matthew Hinsley (alum)

Rene Izquierdo & Elina Chekan (two gtrs)

James-Rucco Duo (two 19th c. gtrs)

Xavier Jara

Patrick Kearney

Christopher Mallett (alum)

Rovshan Mamedkuliev

Simon Martyn-Ellis (lute)

Matthew McAllister

Jeffrey McFadden

Nigel North (lute)

Paul O’Dette (lute)

Matt Palmer

Judicaël Perroy

James Piorkowski (composer)

Los Romeros (guitar quartet)

Marco Sartor

SoloDuo I (two gtrs) -2014

SoloDuo II (two gtrs)

SoloDuo III (two gtrs)

Tantalus Guitar Quartet (guitar quartet)

Tully-Hull Duo (flute/gtr)

Benjamin Verdery I

Benjamin Verdery II

Jason Vieaux/Yolanda Kondonassis (harp/gtr)

Spotlights on Alumni

Randall Avers (UA/OCM)

Michael Beharie (OCM)

Theresa Calpotura (OCM)

Benjamin Cantú (OCM)

Josinaldo Costa (UA)

Alexander Dean (UA)

Matthew Hinsley (OCM)

Bret Hoag (OCM)

Rusty Jones (UA)

Christopher Mallett (OCM)

Kurt Reed (UA)

Adam Sarata (UA)

Scott Schwertfeger (UA)

Steve Sloan (UA)

Adam Tully (OCM)

Rami Vamos (OCM)

Adam Wilson (OCM)

Student Activities

Aron House Party Fall 2019

Aron House Party Spring 2019

Aron House Party Fall 2017

Barrios Studies Day at Oberlin

Jacob Blizard’s Senior Recital

Jacob Blizard’s Junior Recital

Blizard-Renallo Duo Recital

Julia Bodian’s Junior Recital

Sarah Boyson’s Senior Recital

Mohit Dubey’s Senior Recital

Mohit Dubey’s Junior Recital

Mohit Dubey’s CD is Reviewed

Mohit Dubey’s Sophomore Recital

Mohit Dubey’s Freshman Recital

Stephen Fazio’s Senior Recital

Stephen Fazio’s Junior Recital and Tour

Stephen Fazio in Angel’s Bone

Stephen Fazio Plays Jesse Jones

Stephen Fazio and Aron Play Currier w/Sinfonietta

Stephen Fazio & Aron Play Andriessen w/Sinfonietta

Gilardino Studies Day at Oberlin

Adam Keeler’s Graduate Solo Recital and Tour

Brian King’s Senior Recital

Brian King’s Junior Recital

Brian King & Mohit Dubey w/CME

Brian King’s Sophomore Flute/Guitar Recital

Brian King’s Freshman Recital

Rebecca Klein’s Senior Recital

Rebecca Klein’s Junior Recital

Kleynjan’s Studies Day at Oberlin

Philip Logan’s Solo Graduate Recital and Tour

Philip Logan Plays for 1,000

Philip Logan Plays for David Russell

Philip Logan’s Graduate Chamber Recital

Philip Lutz’s Senior Recital

Max Lyman’s Senior Recital

Max Lyman’s Junior Recital

Caeli Massey’s Sophomore Recital

Caeli Massey’s Freshman Recital

Dustin Moralle’s Senior Recital

Daniel Nitsch’s Junior Recital

Daniel Nitsch’s Senior Recital

Daniel Nitsch at Yellow Barn

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Spring 2019

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Fall 2018 II

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Fall 2018 I

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Spring 2018 II

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Spring 2018 I

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Fall 2017 II

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Fall 2017 I

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Spring 2017

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Fall 2016 II

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Fall 2016 I

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Spring 2016

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Fall 2015

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Spring 2015 II

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Spring 2015 I

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Fall 2014

Oberlin Guitar Ensemble Spring 2014

Oberlin Student “Extra” Performing 2018

Oberlin Students and Aron in Hartke w/CME

Oberlin Students at Allen Memorial Museum

Oberlin Studio at Scotland Guitar Retreat

Oberlin Studio to Attend Sorrento Guitar Festival

Oberlin Studio Recital Fall 2018

Oberlin Studio Recital Fall 2017

Oberlin Studio Recital Fall 2016

Oberlin Studio Recital Fall 2015

Oberlin Studio Recital Fall 2014

Oberlin Studio Recital Fall 2013

Power-Brouwer-Hour at Oberlin

Leonard Renallo’s Senior Recital

Leonard Renallo’s Junior Recital

Leonard Renallo’s Sophomore Recital

Daniel Silverman’s Senior Recital

Daniel Silverman’s Junior Recital

Craig Slagh’s Sophomore Recital

Craig Slagh’s Freshman Recital

Jonathan Smith’s Graduate Solo Recital

Jonathan Smith Plays for Manuel Barrueco

Jonathan Smith and Philip Logan Play Collage

Collin Sterne’s Senior Recital

Collin Sterne’s Junior Recital

Collin Sterne’s Sophomore Recital

Collin Sterne’s Freshman Recital

Collin Sterne Goes Baroque

Collin Sterne/Hakel-Garcia Concert

Stroud Entrepreneurship Award is Announced

Stroud Entrepreneurship Awards 2018

Stroud Entrepreneurship Awards 2017

Stroud Entrepreneurship Awards 2016

Stroud Entrepreneurship Awards 2015

Stroud Competition 2019

Stroud Competition 2018

Stroud Competition 2017

Stroud Competition 2016

Stroud Competition 2015

Stroud Competition 2014

Crispin Swank’s Senior Recital

Crispin Swank’s Last Oberlin Recital

Arcangel Velasquez’s Sophomore Recital

Aidan Wiley Lippke’s Sophomore Recital

Aidan Wiley Lippke’s Freshman Recital

UA Guitar Ensemble Spring 2015

UA Guitar Ensemble Fall 2014

UA Guitar Ensemble Spring 2014

UA Guitar Ensemble Fall 2013

UA Guitar Trio Plays for 2,000

UA Guitarists Play Careers Day

Villa Lobos Etude Day at Oberlin