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Chamber Music My Students Have Performed

I've made a strong case for mixed chamber music being the lion's share of the music played in Guitar Ensemble classes. It occurred to me to look and see just what music, in fact, my students HAD played on our Ensemble concerts over the years. As it happens, I've saved every single program I've directed since I started in 1980. I went through them and created a comprehensive list of pieces the students had performed. I did this mostly for myself, purely out of curiosity, but thought I'd post it as it might be of some interest to some. The list shows some range; it includes many chestnuts as well as many less-well-known works. I omitted only the less interesting pieces for multiple guitars; otherwise this list is comprehensive. Of course, many of these works were played repeatedly, over the years.

The works are presented in the following order:
1. two guitars
2. three guitars
3. four guitar
4. flute/guitar
5. oboe/guitar
6. clarinet/guitar
7. recorder/guitar
8. bassoon/guitar
9. saxophone/guitar
10. trumpet/guitar
11. violin/guitar
12. viola/guitar
13. cello/guitar
14. harp/guitar
15. piano/guitar
16. harpsichord/guitar
17. accordion/guitar
18. percussion/guitar
19. tape/guitar
20. voice/guitar (including with additional instruments)
21. larger instrumental ensembles

In each subsection, composers names are in alphabetical order. I omitted movement names from instrumental works, but included all songs from the song cycles that were represented. Enjoy browsing!

1) Two Guitars (selected)

Sergio Assad -----Jobiniana No. 1

Milton Babbitt -----Soli e Duettini

J. S. Bach, Arr. Presti-Lagoya -----French Suite No. V, BWV 816

Agustin Barrios -----Danza Paraguaya -----Estudio in Bm Rule

Robert Beasley -----Gemini: Contrapuntal Essays

Ludwig van Beethoven-----Allegretto from Symphony No. 7, Op. 92 (arr., Ranallo) Luigi

Luigi Boccherini -----Introduction and Fandango

Dušan Bogdanović -----No Feathers On This Frog

Leo Brouwer -----Micro Piezas Ferdinando

Ferdinando Carulli -----Duo in G, Op. 34

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

-----Sonatina Canonica, Op. 19

-----Los Guitares Bien-Temperèes

Chick Corea, arr., King ——-Corean Suite

Napoleon Coste

-----Grand Duo

-----Duet, Op. 51

Claude Debussy-----Voiles, from Preludes (arr., Dubey)

Kevin Dee -----Guitar Duet

Anton Diabelli -----Variations on a Favorite Theme, Op. 57

Manuel de Falla

-----Danza del Milinero

-----La Vida Breve

-----Danza del Corregidor

Egberto Gismonti -----Frevo

Mauro Giuliani

-----Six Variations, Op. 63

-----Two Rondos, Op. 68

-----Le Avventure di Amore, Op. 116

-----Variaciones Concertantes, Op. 130

-----Polonaise Concertante, Op. 137

Radamés Gnattali -----Suite Retratos

Gerardo Guevera, arr. Moldonado -----Peruvian Duets

Carlo Domeniconi -----Naturgeister

Francis Kleynjans -----Trois Romances, Op. 100

Nikita Koshkin -----Tennis Waltz

Joseph Küffner -----Three Movimentos, Op. 168

Helmut Lachenmann -----Salut für Caldwell

Jose Lezcano -----Four Impromptus

Celso Machado

-----Imagenes Do Nordeste

-----Boliviana, Samblanço -----Misterious do Rio Lento

-----Modinha Brasiliera

Johann Kaspar Mertz

-----Nänien Trauerlieder

-----Scherzo et Pastorale, Op. 10

Jorge Morel -----Danza Brasilera

W. A. Mozart, arr. Wolff/Aron -----Fantasie in Cm, K 475

Astor Piazzolla

-----Tango Suite

-----Lo Qué Vendra

-----Melancolico Buenos Aires

Hayden Porter -----Phantasmadango

Francis Poulenc, arr. Levering -----Mouvements Perpetuels

Maximo Diego Pujol -----Tango, Milonga y Final

Joaquín Rodrigo -----Tonadilla

Jaime Romero

-----Embujo de Luna

-----Delirio y Fuga

Gioacchino Rossini, arr. Giuliani -----Sinfonia nell’Opera “Il Babiere di Siviglia”

Alexander Scriabin, arr., Dubey ——-Three Preludes, Op. 11

Guido Santorsola -----Triptico

Manuel Saumell -----Sechs Contradanzas

Jean Sibelius -----Valse Triste, from Kuolema, Op. 44 (arr., Blizard)

Fernando Sor

-----Divertimento, Op. 42

-----Les Deux Amis, Op. 41

-----Duo, Op. 55

-----Souvenir de Russie, Op. 63

-----Le Premier Pas Vers Mois, Op. 53

Soulima Stravinsky -----Sonatina No. 1

Toru Takemitsu -----Bad Boy

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, arr., King ——-String Quartet No. 1, Op 11 (I & II)

Rami Vamos -----12 Silly Songs for 12 Silly Strings

Marco Aurelio Zani di Ferranti -----Concertante, Op. 22

2) Three Guitars
Stephen Aron-----Chimera

Stephen Griebling-----Preludio and Csardas

Paul Hindemith-----Rondo

Patrick Roux-----Carnaval

Traditional (for gyil), from Ghana-----Ne Wa Seb (arr., Dubey)

3) Guitar Quartet (selected)

Sergio Assad ——-Alvorado Tropical

Leonard Bernstein, arr. Aron -----West Side Story Suite

Gilbert Biberian -----Three Valses

Dušan Bogdanović -----Lyric Quartet

Leo Brouwer -----Cuban Landscapes with Rumba

Nicholas Puin -----Three of the Fifths by Four

Aaron Silverstein ——-Per Fernando: Suite for Guitar Quartet

4) Flute and Guitar

Sergio Assad ——-Mangabeira, Choro

Ernst Gottlieb Baron -----Suite in F

Bela Bartok-----Romanian Dances

Robert Beaser -----Mountain Songs

Eugene Bozza -----Berceuse et Sérénade

Elizabeth Brown -----Augury

James Buckland -----Chaconne and Fantasia

Christopher Caliendo -----La Milonga

Onorata Costa -----Souvenir d’Orient

Ferdinando Carulli -----Nocturne, Op. 190

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco -----Sonatina, Op. 205

Yvonne Desporte -----Six Danses pour Syrinx

Carlo Domeniconi -----Sonatina Mexicana

John Duarte -----Friends and Lovers

Roland Dyens -----Traveling Sonata

Gabriel Fauré

-----Pavane, Op. 50


Mauro Giuliani

-----Gran Duetto Concertante, Op. 52

-----Duo, Op. 53

-----Duettino Facile, Op. 77

-----Duo Concertante, Op. 82

-----Grand Duo Concertante, Op. 85

-----Serenata, Op. 127

Radamés Gnattali -----Sonata for Flute and Guitar

Marco Granados -----The Hibbie-Jibbies

Frederick Hand

-----Four Excursions

-----Psalm 100

G. F. Handel

-----Sonata in C, Op. 1, No. 7

-----Sonata in A

Katherine Hoover -----Canyon Echoes

Jacques Ibert -----Entre’Acte

Kent Kennan -----Night Soliloquy

Jose Lezcano -----Sonatina Tropicale

Jean Baptiste Loeillet -----Sonata in Am

Dierdre Lynds -----John Doe’s Running

Benedetto Marcello -----Sonata Op. 2, No. 2

Erik Marchelie -----Sonatine

Celso Machado -----Musique Populaires Brèsiliennes

Robert Maggio -----Travelling Songs

José Luis Merlin

-----Evocacion et Joropo

-----Progesiones para Pauline

Darius Milhaud -----Corcovado

Michio Miyagi -----Haro No Umi

Francesco Molino -----Nocturno

Michael Mower-----Suite for Flute and Guitar

W. A. Mozart -----Sonata in C, K. 330

Astor Piazzolla

-----L’Histoire du Tango


Atanas Ourkouzounov ——-Sonatine

Máximo Diego Pujol

-----Nubes de Buenos Aires

-----Suite Buenos Aires

Maurice Ravel -----Pièce en Forme de Habañera

Joaquín Rodrigo -----Serenata al Alba del Dia

Ned Rorem ——-Romeo and Juliet

Benoit Schlosberg -----Trois Esquisses

Ravi Shankar -----L’Aube Enchantée

Roberto Sierra -----Cronicas del Decubrimiento

Fernando Sor -----Romance

Toru Takemitsu -----Toward the Sea

Georg Philippe Telemann

-----Suite in G

-----Sonata in Am

Alan Thomas ——-Balkan Songbook

Joan Tower-----Snow Dreams

Ralph Towner -----Juggler’s Etude

Heitor Villa-Lobos -----Distribution de Flores

Gwyneth Walker -----Silvermine Suite

Stanley Weiner -----Serenade, Op. 79

5) Oboe and Guitar

Napoleon Coste

-----Consolazion Romance, Op. 25

-----Le Montagnard, Op. 34

-----Marche et Scherzo, Op. 33

Stepan Rak -----Hrajeme Spolu

Bruno Maderna -----Aulodia per Lothar

6) Clarinet and Guitar

Dušan Bogdanović -----Ricercar

Claude Debussy -----Arabesque No. 1

Peter Schikele -----Windows

Felix Mendelsshohn, arr. Reed -----Two Songs Without Words

Franz Schubert -----Arpeggione Sonata, D 821

7) Recorder and Guitar

Arcangelo Corelli -----Sonata in F, Op. 1, No. 1

John Duarte -----Seven Pieces from the Mulliner Book

John Dowland

-----My Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home

-----Captain Digorie Piper’s Galliard

Anthony Holborne -----Heigh Ho Holiday

Jean Baptiste Loeillet -----Sonata in Gm

Georg Philippe Telemann, arr. Wolff -----Sonata in G

8) Bassoon and Guitar

Michael Albaugh -----Three Pieces for Bassoon and Guitar

Joaquín Nin -----Suite Espagnole

9) Saxophone and Guitar

Frank Campo -----Fantasia Autunnale

Nico Carter -----Hugo, It’s Raining Cats

Brian Head -----Finder’s Fee

Alan Hovhannes -----Suite for Alto Saxophone and Guitar

David Noon -----Partita, Op. 103

David Kechley -----In the Dragon’s Garden

Lucas Mason -----Romance

Philip K. Smith

-----Ragalypso Andrew Zohn

-----Humoresque and Dance

10) Trumpet and Guitar

Manuel de Falla -----Seite Canciones Populaires Espanolas

Heitor Villa lobos-----Bachianas Brasilieras

11) Violin and Guitar

Ernst Gottlieb Baron -----Sonata No. 2

Bela Bartok ——-Hungarian Folks Songs from Csik

Robert Beaser -----Mountain Songs

Ferdinando Carulli -----Duo No. 1, Op. 104

Napoleon Coste

-----Consolazion Romance, Op. 25

-----Marche et Scherzo, Op. 33

Émile Desportes -----Trés Pastoralles

Manuel de Falla -----Danza Espagnola No. 1 (La Vida Breve)

Tania Gabrielle French -----Harbors of Light

Mauro Giuliani

——-Gran Duetto Concertante, Op. 52

-----Grande Serenade, Op. 82

-----Six Variations, Op. 63

Filippo Gragnani -----Sonata Op. 8, No. 1

Irish traditional, arr. McGrath -----Ronds de St. Vincent

Bryan Johansen

-----Towards Evening

-----Dance of the Blue Devil

Jeffrey Leigh -----The Folk

Jorge Liderman-----Aires de Seferad

Francesco Molino -----Three Duos, Op. 61

Atanas Ourkouzounov ——-Sonatina Bulgarica

Niccolo Paganini (arr., Avers) -----Caprice 24

Niccolo Paganini

-----Cantabile con anima

-----Rondo Brillante

-----Sonata, Op. 3, No. 6

-----Sonata Concertata

——Solo Concertata in A, Op. 61

-----Sonata Prima

——Centone di Sonata No. 1

Astor Piazzolla


-----Tango Choc

Fernando Sor -----Romanze

12) Viola and Guitar

Celso Garrido Lecca ——-Danza Populares Andinas

Jeff Nelson -----Evolving Images

Franz Schubert -----Arpeggione Sonata, D 821

José Lezcano -----Sonata for Viola and Guitar

13) Cello and Guitar

Dušan Bogdanović -----Quatre Pièces Intimes

Francois Le Cocq ——-Chaconne [baroque guitar and viola da gamba]

Manuel de Falla -----Seite Canciones Populaires Espanolas

David Leisner -----Three Moons

Marin Marais ——-La Guitare [baroque guitar and viola da gamba]

Heitor Villa-Lobos -----Bachianas Brasilieras

Erkki-Sven Tüür -----Spiel

14) Harp and Guitar

Máximo Diego Pujol -----Suite Mágica

15) Guitar and Piano

Mario Castelnuevo-Tedesco

-----Fantasia for Piano and Guitar, Op. 145

-----Concerto in D

Anton Diabelli

-----Sonata in A

-----Grand Sonata Brillante, Op. 102

Mauro Giuliani

-----Concerto, Op. 30

-----Two Rondos, Op. 68

Manuel Ponce -----Concierto del Sur

Joaquín Rodrigo

-----Fantasia para un Gentilhombre

-----Concierto d’Aranjuez

Joseph Schwantner -----From Afar

Heitor Villa-Lobos -----Concerto

16) Guitar and Harpsichord

Luigi Boccherini -----Introduction and Fandango

François Couperin -----Concert Royaux VII

17) Guitar and Accordion

Stephen Stanziano----Stars Shall Fall

18) Guitar and Percussion

Klaus Hashagen -----Pergiton IV

19) Guitar and Tape

Steve Reich -----Electric Counterpoint

20) Voice and Guitar

Trad., arr. Almeida ------Popular Brazilian Songs (A Casinha Pequinina, Bia-Ta-Ta, Para Ninar, Tindo-La-La, Bamba Le-Le, Sapo no Toca, Engenho Novo)

Dominick Argento -----Letters From Composers (Frederic Chopin, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Claude Debussy, J. S. Bach, Gioaccomo Puccini)

Arr., Aron -----Sacred Songs (Give Me Jesus, Rise Up Shepherd, Were You There,)

Arr., Aron -----Songs from the Vaudeville Tradition

——-Harry von Tilzer ---Coax Me

——-Irving Berlin ---Keep Away from the Fellow…

——-Percy Wenrich ---Moonlight Bay

——-Gus Edwards —In My Merry Oldsmobile

——-Harry von Tilzer ---On a Sunday Afternoon

——-Nora Bayes ---Shine On Harvest Moon

——-Bob Cole ---Under the Bamboo Tree

——-James Thornton ---When You Were Sweet Sixteen

J. S. Bach, arr. Aron -----Two Arias (Bete aber auch, BWV 115, Und wenn der harte Todeschlag, BWV 124)

Trad., arr. Behrend -----Six Bergerettes (L’amour s’envole, Menuet d’exaudet, Maman dites-moi, Jeunes Fillettes, Que ne suis-je la fougere, Aminte)

Lennox Berkeley -----Songs of the Half-Light (Rachel, Full Moon, All That’s Past, The Moth, The Fleeting)

Henry R. Bishop -----My Heart and Lute

John Blow -----Fair Celia

Dušan Bogdanović -----Crow [with flute and double bass] (Two Legends, Lineage, How Water Began to Play, Prelude to the Examination at the Womb-Door, Examination at the Womb-Door, Littleblood)

Luigi Brambilla -----Variette Italiane (Se Vivere, Un Moto di Gioia, Io Far L’amore Dal di Ch’io)

Benjamin Britten

-----Songs From the Chinese (The Big Chariot, The Old Lute, The Autumn Wind, The Herd Boy, Depression, Dance Song)

-----Folk Song Arrangements (I will give my love an apple, Sailor-boy, Master Kilby, The Soldier and the Sailor, Bonny at Morn, The Shooting of his Dear)

Giulio Caccini

——-Le Nuove Musiche (1602) [with theorbo] (Queste lagrim’amare, Amor io parto, Non più guerra, Amarilli mia bella)

——-Nuove Musiche (1614) [with theorbo] (Amor chi’attendi?, Al fonte al prato, Aur’amorosa)

Francesca Caccini ——- [with theorbo] Dov’io crede clé mea speranze, Vergen tutto amor, Lasciatemi qui solo, Che t’ho fatt’io

Thomas Campion ——Lute Songs (When to Her Lute Corinna Sings, My Love Hath Vowed, Shall I Come Sweet Love to Thee?, Never Weather Beaten Sail, Jacke and Jone)

Frantz Casseus ——-Fi Nan Bois, Meci Bon Die

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

-----The Divan of Ibn Moses-Ezra (When the morning of life has passed, Let man remember all his days, The dove that nests in the treetop, Wrung with anguish, I have seen upon this earth, Drink deep, my friend, Only in God, I trust)

-----Vogelweide, Ein Lieder-Cyklus, Op. 186 (Schlimme Zeiten, Magdeburger Weihnacht, Die Römische, Opfersteuer, Gott Unergründlich, Unnatur, Reimar, der Mensch und der Künstler, Preislied, Wahre Liebe, Der Traume, Unter der Linde)

John Dowland (Burst Forth My Teares, Can Shee Excuse, Come Again, Come Away Come Sweet Love, Come Heavy Sleep, Come Ye Heavy States of Night, Deare If You Change, Fie on This Feigning, Fine Knacks for Ladies, Flow My Teares, Go Crystal Teares, I Saw My Lady Weepe, If My Complaints Do Passions Move, In Darkness Let Me Dwell, The Lowest Trees Have Tops, Rest Sweet Nymphs, A Shepherd in a Shade, Sorrow Stay Sweet Stay Awhile, To Ask for All Thy Love, What if I Never Speed, Whoever Hopes or Thinks of Love, Weepe You No More Sad Fountains, Wilt thou Unkind Thus Reave Me?)

Guillaume Dufay -----Deux Virelais [with recorder, violin and cello], Resvellies vous, Helas mon dueil

John Duarte -----Five Quiet Songs (Dirge in the Woods, Silence, An Epitaph, Omar’s Lament, The Birds)

Manuel de Falla -----Seite Canciones Populaires Espanolas (El Paño Moruno, Seguidilla Murciana, Asturiana, Jota, Nana, Cancion, Polo)

Gabiel Fauré ——-Pavan, Op. 50 [with flute]

Giocomo Gotifredo Ferrari -----Three Italian Songs (Carolina, A Enrichetta Teresina, Marietta)

Federico García Lorca -----Two Spanish Songs (Las Morillas, Los Cuatro Muleros)

Mauro Giuliani

-----Trois Romances (Quand je voyais, Heureux celui, Besoin d’aimer)

-----Tré Cavatine (Par che di giulio, Confuso, smarrito, spiegar, All mietante lagrime

-----Ariette, Op. 95 (Ombre amene, Fra tutti le pene, Quando sara quell)

-----Drei Lieder (Lied auf der Ferne, Abschied, An das Schicksal, Abschied)

Charles Gounod/J. S. Bach ——-Ave Maria

Enrique Granados -----Tonadillas (La Maja Dolorosa, No. 1, La Maja Dolorosa No. 2, La Maja Dolorosa, No. 3, El Mirar de la Maja, El Majo Timido, El Tralala y el Punteado, El Majo Discreto, Amor Y Odio)

G. F. Handel ——-Cantata, HWV 140 [with viola da gamba]

Charles Edward Horn ——- Cherry Ripe

Tobias Hume ——-Tobacco is Like Love

Porter James ——-Morning Song

Robert Jones -----Two Elizabethan Chamber Songs [with recorder, violin and cello] (Will said to his mammy, Sweete Kate)

Karl Keller ——-Wenn du mich Liebst

Kevin Krumenauer -----Song Set for Soprano and Guitar (Rejection, Wide Awake I Wondered, Canada’s on the Other Side, Of Endings)

Jonathan Kulp -----Five Poems of Emily Dickenson (Presentiment, I had been hungry, I’m nobody, I had a guinea, I noticed)

Alexander Lee ——-Come Where the Aspens Quiver

José Lezcano -----Cancones de Lluvia (El caer de la lluvia, Me acuerdo de otras lluvias, El romor de la lluvia)

Guillaume de Machaut -----Trois Ballades [with recorder] (Gais et jolis, Mesespre ris se combat, Ma chiere dame, a vous)

Luigi Moretti -----Canciones Espanolas (La Libertad, La Ausencia, La Irresolucion, La Curiosidad, Consejo al Bello Sexo)

Thomas Morley ——-Absence Hear Thou My Protestation, It Was a Lover and His Lasse, Love Wing’d My Hopes, Mistress Mine, She Straight her Light Green Silken Coats, Sleep Slumb’ring Eyes, Thrysis and Milla (part 1), Who is it that This Dark Night?, Will You Buy a Fine Dog?

Thea Musgrave -----Five Love Songs (Except I Love, Oh Love how strangely sweet, Poor is the life, Weep eyes, break heart, The spring of joy is dry)

Richard Nicholson -----Two Elizabethan Chamber Songs [with recorder, violin and cello] (Hold, lingel, hold, Joan, quoth John)

Don Paolo da Firenze ——-Un Pelegrim Uccel [two sopranos]

Henry Purcell ——-The Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation [with cello], I Attempt from Love’s Sickness, Music for a While

Joaquín Rodrigo

-----Tres Canciones Esponolas (En Jerez de la Frontera, Adela, De Ronda)

-----Tres Villancicos (Pastorcito Santo, Coplillas de Belen, Aire y Donaire)

Kaija Saariaho ——-Adjö [with flute]

Franz Schubert ——-Abschied, An die Musik, Heidenröslein, Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (arr., Aron) [with clarinet], Gretchen am Spinnräde, Gute Nacht, Hünflings Liebeswebung, Die Jönge Nonne, Der Leiermann, Lied aud Der Ferne, Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioscuren, Der Lindenbaum, Meeres Stille, Mein Ruh’ist dahin Minnelied, Nacht und Träume, Nachtstück, Die Post, Schafers Klagelied, Der Schiffer, Sehnsucht, Seligkeit, Ständchen, Das Wandern, Wiegenlied, Das Wirtshaus, Wohin?

Ray Sealey -----A Circle of Tears (Lacrimae infantis, Lacrimae pueri, Lacrimae hominis, Lacrimae solitudinis, Lacrimae mortis)

Matyas Seiber

-----Four Old French Folk Songs (Helas!, Que Je Suis Desolée, Je Suis Trop Jeunette, L’amour de Moi Ne L’oserais-je Dire

-----Four French Folk Songs (Reveillez-vous, J’ai descendu, Le Rossignol, Margueritte, elle est malade)

Fernando Sor

-----Seguidillas (Cesa de Atormentarme, De Amore en las Prisiones, Acuerdabe, Bien Mio, Como ha de Resolverse?, Preparame la Tumba, Muchacha y la Verguenza, El Que Quisiera Amando, Las Mujeres y Cuerdas, Si Dices que Mis Ojos, Mis Descuidados Ojos)

Louis Spohr -----Drei Lieder (Liebesschwärmere, Beruhigung, Lied Beim, Rundetanz)

Igor Stravinsky -----Four Russian Songs [with flute and harp] (The Drake, A Russian Spiritual, Geese and Swan,s Tilim-bom)

Barbara Strozzi ——-L’Eraclito amorosa [with theorbo]

Heitor Villa-Lobos ——-Modinha Bachianas, Bachianas Brasilieras [soprano and guitar], Bachianas Brasilieras [soprano and four guitars, arr., Dyens]

Joseph Augustine Wade, Jr. ——-Meet Me By Moonlight

Gwyneth Walker -----Three American Songs (Tell Me Not Here, Back and Side Go Bare, Country Girl)

Carl Maria von Weber -----Guitarrlieder (Canzonetta, No. 1, Die Schaferstunde, Wiegenlied, Canzonetta, No. 2)

William Walton -----Anon in Love (Fain would I change that note, O stay, sweet love, Lady, when I behold the roses, My love in her attire, I gave her cakes and I gave her ale, To couple is a custom)

Trad., arr. Valls ------Canciones Sefarditas [with flute] (La Rosa Enflorence, Ven Querida, Van Amada Adio, Querida, Durme, Durme, Paxaro D’Hermozura, Irme Quiero, La Mi Mare Abrix, Mi Galanica, Ya Viene El Cativo, Yo M’Enamori)

D’un Aire Trad., arr. Zohn ------Six Sephardic Songs (Adio Querida, Nani, Nani, Cuando el Rey Nimrod, Los Biblicos, Eli Eliyahu Fel Sharah, Canet Betet Masha

Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon ——-Songtree [flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, percussion, guitar, cello, bass] (CME, T. Weiss)

21) Larger Instrumental Ensembles

Trad. Venezuelan, arr. Mir Ali -----La Partida [two flutes, mandolin, guitar, bass, percussion

Louis Andriessen ——-[oboes, horns, trumpets, trombones, pianos, viola, harps, voices, guitars, bass guitar] (CME, T. Weiss)

Heinrich Apostle -----Studie [flute, viola, guitar]

Sergio Assad ——-Violeta Azuis [flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, guitar, bass, harp, bass, drums, percussion] (PI, J. Haddad)

Michel de la Barre ——-Suite IX, Sonate L’inconnuë [baroque flute, baroque guitar and viola da gamba]

Luigi Boccherini -----Quintet No. 4 in D [guitar and string quartet]

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco -----Eclogues, Op. 206 [flute, English horn, guitar]

Julian Cartwright -----The Lemur [violin, guitar, piano]

Aldo Clementi -----C. A. G. [flute, violin, guitar, vibraphone]

George Crumb-----Quest
[guitar, soprano saxophone, harp, double bass, and percussion (two players)]

Raphael Dressler-----Terzett [flute, viola and guitar]

Roland Dyens -----Tango en Skäi [guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass]

Gabriel Fauré -----Pavane [flute, violin, guitar]

François de Fossa

-----Quartet, Op. 19, No. 3 [guitar, violin, viola, cello]

-----Trio in G, Op. 18, No. 2 [violin, guitar, cello]

Kimberly Fox -----Serendipity [flute, violin, guitar]

Mauro Giuliani

-----Serenade, Op. 19 [violin, cello, guitar]

-----Concerto, Op. 30 [guitar and string quartet]

Michael Gordon ——-No Anthem [English horns, trumpets, trombones, pianos, voices, guitars] (CME, T. Weiss)

Filippo Gragnani -----Trio, Op. 13 [flute, violin, guitar]

Stephen Hartke ——-Sons of Noah [flutes, bassoons, guitars] (CME, T. Weiss)

Hans Werner Henze

-----Selbst und Zweigersprache [viola, guitar, celeste]

-----Trio per mandolin, chitarra, e arpa [mandolin, guitar, harp]

Jesse Jones ——-One Bright Morning [flute, clarinet, violin, cello, bass, piano, guitar] (CME, T. Weiss)

Joseph Kreutzer -----Trio, Op. 16 [flute, clarinet, guitar; flute, viola, guitar]

David Leisner -----Extremes [flute, clarinet, guitar]

José Lezcano -----Cuban Sketches [flute, violin, guitar; two flutes & guitar]

Josh Levine -----Glimpses [flute, viola, guitar]

David Ludwig -----Above and Within [flute, saxophone, violin, guitar]

Marin Marais -----32 Couplets des Folies d’espagne [piccolo cello, guitar, viola da gamba]

Nicola Matteis ——-Aria Amorosa e Ciaccona [baroque violin, baroque guitar, baroque cello]

Niccolo Paganini -----Terzeto No. 4 [violin, guitar, cello]

Cary Ratcliff -----Bulgarian Dance Suite [flute, viola, guitar]

Joaquín Rodrigo -----Concierto d’Aranjuez [guitar, flute, English horn, string trio, double bass, piano]

Matthew Schreibeis ——-[flute, clarinet, piano, guitar, violin, cello, percussion] (CME, T. Weiss)

Franz Schubert (W. Matiegka) -----Quartet, D. 96 [flute, viola, guitar, cello]

Heitor Villa-Lobos -----Sexteto Místico [flute, oboe, saxophone, harp, celeste, guitar]

Antonio Vivaldi -----Concerto in D [two violins, cello, guitar; two violins, harpsichord, guitar; two violins, cello, harpsichord, guitar]

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