As a teacher, I have dedicated myself to a lifetime of encouraging less-experienced guitarists to find their own voices. Through careful attention to the nuances of both physical technique and musical expression, a gradual mastery is achieved. Each student is recognized as unique, both in their artistic desires and in their musical backgrounds and physical capacities. By helping them find their musical paths, truly original artists begin to emerge. 

While I have retired from my post as Professor of Music at the University of Akron in Ohio, a position I held for 34 years, I continue to work with extraordinary students at the famed Oberlin Conservatory of Music and occasionally teach privately. I began at Oberlin in 1992, and in the years since, have been privileged to have taught some of the most talented and interesting young guitarists around. Click here for special information regarding Oberlin’s guitar studio and program, and for a link to their Admissions page.

I have been blogging for a while about my teaching, and have posted numerous thoughts about how to practice. in addition, I've featured spotlight articles on student activities and the ongoing musical lives of my alumni. On the Blog page of this site, these articles can be easily found by entering into the search field such tags as "technique", "alumni", "student activities" and so on. A handy list of the articles, organized into categories can be seen here,