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Smith and Logan play Collage

The University if Akron has a terrific tradition of staging an annual showcase concert in our large concert hall (EJ Thomas), featuring all the School of Music's major and small ensembles as well as several faculty. They present it in a theatrical style in which, as each group's piece ends, the lighting switches and another location in the hall is revealed with a different group who starts immediately. Applause is held until intermission and the end. Audiences love it.

Of course the School of Music finds it an excellent tool for creating positive local buzz and student recruiting, but what I especially like is the way the music students, there en masse and nearly all playing, get to finally hear each other: symphonic band, opera scenes, bassoon ensemble, steel drum band, concert choir, symphony orchestra, trumpet ensemble, jazz band, flute ensemble, marching band drum line, solo violin, etc etc. and of course, guitarists. 

Even though we all share the same building, it is entirely possible to quietly coexist, focused on your own pursuits, and not really hear what the others are doing. So this event really serves as a broad musical introduction, all-round. 

As my guitar students play primarily mixed chamber music (not large conducted guitar orchestra), it is a great opportunity for the players that get featured, as they end up being among the few featured soloists before an audience of over 1000 (and a second, daytime show for over 1500 high schoolers). 

Jonathan Smith and Philip Logan, my two GTA's, (coincidentally both graduates of Stephen Robinson's program at Stetson U), played the Jobiniana No. 1 by Sergio Assad. It was a hit. 

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