This piece features a gently rocking 7/8 melody set in repeating block chords of dense, jazzy harmony. The central section moves to a meditative, Eastern-Asian inflected, repeating 5/8 tune with an insistent, conflicting, descending bass. It is interesting to play and unusual for guitar music. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2016

A hard-driving, blues-based piece written in nearly strict imitative counterpoint. I've always heard the underlying counterpoint in pop styles and thought applying the concept of imitation (as in the round "Row, Row, Row Your Boat") to a blues setting might work. This piece is incredibly fun to play. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2017

A gentle, melodic piece with jazz-inflected harmony. Conceived as a platform for mastering 3-against-4 and 2-against-3 rhythms, it soon became one of my favorites from this group of new solo works. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2016
A fairly straight-ahead 20-bar blues with variations, named after that beautiful town I lived in once. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2016
A fast, catchy piece built on the Brazilian choro rhythm, but complimented by a serene, classically-styled central section. Written as a study for practicing slurs, it gives the left hand a fine workout. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2016
An irresistible Latin groove, with a tune in harmonics that traverses several keys, contrasted by a gently singing, modernist slow section. Written initially as a study in playing harmonics, this piece is great fun to play. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2018
A vigorous, contrapuntal tango, it looks to Bach for its sense of harmony and use of fugal writing style, and to Piazzolla for its rhythmic sensibility. Incredibly fun to play. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2017
This piece contrasts a strong rock-inflected, groove-based tune (a surprisingly catchy one, given its odd time) with a fully-developed, lushly romantic section. The quick, enormous left hand shifts are fun to navigate and the "power chord" texture is fresh in a classical guitar context. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2017
This simple folk-inspired melody leads to a range of moods and textures. A fast repeated note figure, played with the thumb and index fingers, decorates harmonies both straightforward and jazz-inflected. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2017
A fast, brilliant arpeggio study in Bb that features appealing harmonies and offers plenty of action for both hands. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2016
A tremolo piece of some substance. Romantic in impulse and sometimes unusual in its use of odd time signatures and unusual tremolo groupings, it still, ultimately, sings. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2018
A short and sassy piece with a catchy tune in 5/4. It's a fun workout for the left hand! Music by Stephen Aron, ©2018
A short, fast piece for solo guitar built on a repeating arpeggio figure and impressionistic-inflected harmony. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2016
A slow, pensive piece describing a single dynamic arc. The melody is folk music-like in its simplicity. Music by Stephen Aron, ©2018
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