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Power-Brouwer-Hour at Oberlin

Power-Brouwer-Hour at Oberlin

I like to have the studio focus on the studies of a specific composer each semester. Recently we've covered the studies of






; this semester was dedicated to the studies of Brouwer.

We focused on Studies 1-20. Each student played two or three of them. In this way, everyone ends up well-acquainted with the entire set plus has a few of them at performance level. 

Next semester we will likely focus on the Barrios studies. 

Here is a recap of who played which ones:

Rebecca Klein played numbers 3 and 19:

Philip Lutz played numbers 10 and 11:

Jacob Blizard played numbers 6 and 14:

Leonard Ranallo played numbers 2 and 18:

Mohit Dubey played numbers 7, 8 and 13:

Max Lyman played numbers 5, 12 and 17:

Brian King played numbers 1, 19 and 20:

Dan Nitsch played numbers 3 and 15:

Finally, Stephen Fazio played numbers 4, 5 and 16:

Mohit Dubey's Freshman Recital

Mohit Dubey's Freshman Recital

2015 Stroud Classical Guitar Entrepreneurship Awards Announced: $5,000 Awarded

2015 Stroud Classical Guitar Entrepreneurship Awards Announced: $5,000 Awarded