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SoloDuo at Oberlin

SoloDuo at Oberlin

The extraordinary Italian guitar duo, SoloDuo (Matteo Mela and Lorenzo Micheli), spent a day at Oberlin Conservatory this week. They played a fabulous concert and taught the students in an inspiring and highly informative class. This was the duo's second time at Oberlin (Lorenzo had also come before also, as a soloist).

The recital program was varied and full of novelties and surprises.

The concert received a vigorous and lengthy standing ovation. 

The master class was generous and insightful. First up was the student duet of Jacob Blizard and Lenny Renallo, playing Blizard's own arrangement of the orchestral work, Valse Triste Op. 44, No. 1 of Jean Sibelius. 

Next was Philip Lutz, who played Nocturno by Federico Moreno-Torroba. 

Then Brian King played Giuliani's Variations Op 49. 

Max Lyman then played the Aguado's Rondo in Am, Op 2, No. 3. 

Finally, Rebecca Klein played the Sarabande from Bach's Suite for Cello, BWV 1007. 

We all look forward to SoloDuo's next visit to Oberlin!

Dieter Hennings at Oberlin for Zohn-Muldoon

Dieter Hennings at Oberlin for Zohn-Muldoon

Guest Robert Gruca at U Akron

Guest Robert Gruca at U Akron