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Matt Palmer at Oberlin

Matt Palmer at Oberlin

Matt Palmer, one of America's most brilliant young guitarists, paid us a visit this month. He played a remarkable recital and gave a compelling and valuable series of lessons in a master class. The students were inspired.

His recital featured mostly new music, though not all in modern language. A Rudnev Fantasy and a Sonata by Scarfullery were both in clearly and unabashedly romantic idioms, while works by Amelkina-Vera and Rak were a bit edgier, both demonstrating some unconventional techniques. In the center of the program, he offered Bach's incomparable Chaconne, BWV 1004.

Palmer possesses a virtuosic command of the instrument rivaled by few. He has developed and perfected a method for playing scales that enables him to deliver them with a bristling speed and continuity of sound that is seldom heard. In addition, he has lovely tone and takes care to phrase with clarity. His visit was a delight for all who attended.

Following are some photos of the concert and master class. His full program is reproduced at the end of the post.

On stage in Kulas Recital Hall, Oberlin Conservatory's superb room for guitar, Palmer had a near-capacity crowd.

Mohit Dubey played the Prelude from Bach's Lute Suite BWV 996:

Aidan Lippke played a set of variations by Giuliani:

Matt gave a detailed description of his method of scale-playing with a-m-i fingering:

See, it's easy!

See, it's easy!

Jonathan Bodian played Villa-Lobos' Schottisch-Choro:

Collin Sterne played Villa-Lobos' Etude 12:

Matt's program:

Fall 2016 Guitar Ensemble I

Fall 2016 Guitar Ensemble I

Brian King's Junior Recital

Brian King's Junior Recital