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Agnew-McAllister Duo at Oberlin

Agnew-McAllister Duo at Oberlin

The brilliant flute-guitar ensemble, Agnew-Mcallister Duo played and taught at Oberlin Conservatory last week. Irish flutist Aisling Agnew and her husband, Scottish guitarist Matthew McAllister, played a varied program featuring lots of new and unfamiliar music for followers of the genre. The program is duplicated below.

Matthew taught five students in the guitar studio. His advice was terrific--one student commented that it was the best class he'd ever taken.

Here, Lenny Renallo gets a lesson on Martin's Quatre Piéces Brève:

Stephen Fazio played Sor's Grand Solo:

Brian King played Barrios' La Catedral:

In addition, Rebecca Klein played Sor's Variation on a Theme of Mozart and Mohit Dubey played Domeniconi's Koyunbaba. 

Meanwhile, Aisling gave a lecture and master class for the students of our flute professor, Alexa Still.  

Here is the ensemble on stage. They are exceptionally expressive and gentle in their approach, producing some astonishing piano dynamics in the service of their musical ideas. It was an enjoyable and memorable concert.

Here is the duo's full program:

And here we are afterwards at the perennial Oberlin night spot, The Feve:

Thanks Aisling and Matthew for a great mini-residency!!

Fingering for Dotted Rhythms

Fingering for Dotted Rhythms

Preparing Lots of Music at The Same Time