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Brian King's Senior Recital

Brian King's Senior Recital

Brian King gave his fourth and final recital at Oberlin on Saturday. It was a concert delivered with unassuming but riveting virtuosity. His program, made up of some of the most challenging works in the repertoire, was brilliantly varied; he met each segment with equal aplomb. It has been many years since anyone played all three of Rodrigo's "Three Spanish Pieces" and it was worth the wait. He handled the many challenges in the works with calm authority and precision. 

(His previous recitals are here: 2015, 2016, 2017).

The audience, a large and loud gathering, rewarded him at the program's end with a standing ovation. It was a terrific and memorable ending to a wonderful collaboration. Next year, he and his flutist partner, Katie Kim, go off to the Royal Conservatory of Scotland, in Glasgow, where they've accepted generous scholarships and will pursue masters degrees in chamber music. Brian's new teacher there, Matthew McAllister, knows his work well, having heard him twice in Oberlin and for a week in Scotland. I wish them both the very best going forward and hope they will come back and pay a visit, on the other side!

Bravo, Brian, and many congratulations for an exemplary job!!

Brian King tells us all about it

Brian King tells us all about it

Stephen Fazio's Senior Recital

Stephen Fazio's Senior Recital

Spring 2018 Guitar Ensemble II

Spring 2018 Guitar Ensemble II