On a Sunday Afternoon

On a Sunday Afternoon

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Published by Tuscany Editions, 88p. 

Most of these songs are featured on Stephen and JoNell Aron's CD Shine On Harvest Moon.

The irresistible songs of Tin Pan Alley are here presented for the first time with delightful and highly playable guitar accompaniments. The songs themselves, huge hits at the time of their initial publication, are in many cases still familiar. These are the songs your grandparents or great-grandparents sung as children, standing around the piano, reading from oversized, colorful sheet music. The songs were sung from the vaudeville stage, and often arranged for use by barbershop quartets or brass bands. The styles represented include the sentimental ballad, bluesy and jazzy songs, ragtime, and novelty songs. The lyrics are sometimes so earnest and sincere as to seem truly quaint, as if written in a pre-ironic age, and sometimes they are simply hilarious. They are all catchy and delightful. In my experience performing them, audiences often can't resist joining on the choruses.

The guitar arrangements are literal representations of the piano originals, with occasional stylistic embellishments or flourishes. They are carefully fingered and rendered truly idiomatic for a pleasant and comfortable playing experience. The style and character of these songs is so unique and charming, they will find a unique and special place in the repertoire of any guitar/voice duo.

Most of these songs can be heard on Stephen and JoNell's CD, Shine on Harvest Moon.


1. After the BallHarris (1892)

2. A Bird in a Gilded CageH. von Tilzer (1900)

3. Coax MeH. von Tilzer (1904)

4. Daisy BellDacre (1892)

5. Goodbye My Lady LoveHoward (1904)

6. He’d Have To Get Under—Get Out and Get UnderAbrahams (1913)

7. Her Eyes Don’t Shine Like DiamondsMarion (1894)

8. In My Merry OldsmobileEdwards (1905)

9. Keep Away From the Fellow Who Owns an AutomobileBerlin (1912)

10. Let Me Call You SweetheartFriedman (1910)

11. Let the Rest of the World Go By     Ball (1909)

12. Moonlight Bay     Wenrich (1912)

13. On a Sunday AfternoonH. von Tilzer (1902)

14. Shine On Harvest MoonBayes (1908)

15. TeasingA. von Tilzer (1904)

16. Under the Bamboo TreeCole (1902)

17. When You Were Sweet SixteenThornton (1898)

18. You Tell Me Your Dream…    Daniels (1899)