Kinderszenen, Op. 15

Kinderszenen, Op. 15


“Well thought-out and fun to interesting and beautifully-produced edition” (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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This arrangement can be heard on Stephen Aron's CD Romantic Guitar.

Composed in 1838, the Kinderszenen, Op. 15 (Scenes of Childhood) was an early work for the composer, written before his first symphony of his major vocal works. Conceived as works reminiscent of childhood, they are unlike his later Album for die Junge (Album for the Young), which were written for children to play. In fact the evocative titles were added afterwards, in an effort to give a hint on interpretation. 

The works lie beautifully on the guitar. Scordatura tunings have deliberately been avoided, enabling the performer to present the entire set without interruption, yielding an exquisitely natural-sounding complete major work by a major composer. 

“One does not know which to admire more: the delicate distinction of the melodic line, the magic which combines rhythmical subtlety and variety with the elemental tang of the folk tune, the originality of the tone-color, or the pure, intimate limpid simplicity and restraint of the whole. Among all of Schumann’s works, this one may enter the most persuasive bid for immortality.”*


(*Robert Haven Schauffler, Florestan: The Life and Work of Robert Schumann, New York 1945)