“Aron’s playing is clean, crisp and understated...he gets into the spirit of the music and gives interpretations that sing with vibrant rhythm, subtle color and a feeling of intimacy” (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

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1. Cancion y Danza (2:28/1:54)    Antonio Ruiz-Pipo

3.-9. Suite for Guitar (11:05)    Ned Rorem  

10. Introduction et Caprice, Op. 23    Giulio Regondi

11.-13. Silhouettes for Guitar    David Bernstein

14. Un Sueño en la Floresta    Agustín Barrios

15.-18. Sketches for Friends    Brian Head                                                                                                                                                                     



This collection recital-program style CD features a range of moods and styles. From the flamenco-inspired Spanish music of Ruiz-Pipo to the sultry, romantic lines of a Barrios' tremolo tour-de-force; from the curiously affecting Rorem masterwork, Suite for Guitar, to the finger-snapping joy of Brian Head's Sketched for Friends, this recording takes the listener on an irresistible journey. Featuring the first recordings of the important Rorem work and the delightfully jagged Three Silhouettes of David Bernstein, and the second recording of the Brian Head, this CD presents both new and old music with equal delight. Played on a guitar by John Gilbert in 1994, this was my first release.