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Oberlin Receives New Concert Guitar

Oberlin Receives New Concert Guitar

Oberlin Conservatory is the recipient of an extremely generous gift from my long-time friend and alumnus, James Stroud. He donated to the studio a gorgeous new concert guitar, for use by students who need one for an important concert, audition or recording. 

The instrument is a 

2012 Jochen Rothel, built in Germany. It is traditional-build, light Brazilian rosewood instrument with a bright spruce top. It boasts beautiful craftsmanship and a robust, warm tone. It has a nice hardshell TKL case.

Most students in the studio, on balance, own a good instrument, but there is always someone who could benefit from access to an excellent guitar. This gift takes away the concern over being without an instrument when repairs are needed and places everyone on a similar plane where concert sound production is concerned.

Many thanks to James Stroud for his continuing generosity!!

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