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Lutanist Simon Martyn-Ellis at Oberlin

Lutanist Simon Martyn-Ellis at Oberlin

Australian-born early music specialist Simon Martyn-Ellis gave an informal performance and demonstration for the Oberlin Guitar studio yesterday. He brought along his Baroque guitar, theorbo and Baroque lute and treated us to a bit of music on each. Afterwards, he gave a couple of lessons to members of the studio.

He started with the Baroque guitar. 

He played works by Gaspar Sanz, Santiago de Murcia and Robert de Visée. 

Next, he talked about the theorbo and its extensive use in continuo playing, especially early opera. 

He played works by Alessandro Piccinini and Robert de Visée. 

Next, Simon described the Baroque lute for the studio. 

He played a piece by Silvius Leopold Weiss. 

Crispin Swank sang John Dowland's Flow My Teares and accompanied himself on modern guitar. 

Max Lyman played the Allemande from Bach's first violin partita. 

Afterwards, Martyn-Ellis was generous enough to let the students pick up and try each instrument. It was an excellent presentation for all--informative, artistic, and friendly. We look forward to having him back!

Guest Robert Gruca at U Akron

Guest Robert Gruca at U Akron

Guests Artists Master List

Guests Artists Master List