Three Musings

Three Musings


"Achingly beautiful...lovely melody and harmonies...sounded almost like Debussy at times...a stand-out piece of writing. The mind behind this sort of writing is a considerable one and Stephen Aron should be right up there with the best composers for guitar." (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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Published by Clear Note Publications, 15p.

These pieces can be heard on Stephen Aron's CD One Fell Swoop.

Written in a post-impressionistic style, these works seek to capture some of the mood of the ambiguous harmonic world of the Impressionists--a sound heard seldom in guitar literature. The first one, Ambivalence, presents a slow, serene and sometimes dark melody over a continuous rubato quintuplet accompaniment in a way which causes the music to float above a barely discernable pulse. The second movement, Regret, is an extended tremolo with a romantic style melody over unusual but appealing harmonies. The final movement, Serendipity, merges a blues-derived theme with divergent impulses, including impressionistic harmonies, sitar music, bluegrass and 50's rock 'n roll, to create a startling and strangely compelling montage or fantasy. Throughout the entire work, the sixth string is tuned to F, enabling the easy execution of many fresh and unusual sonorities.