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Collin Sterne's Senior Recital

Collin Sterne's Senior Recital

Collin turned increasing towards early music as his final two years at Oberlin unfolded. He took up the theorbo last year (borrowing the Conservatory’s instrument), and joined the Baroque Orchestra. He played in numerous small Baroque chamber ensembles and took separate lessons on the instrument with our early music plucked instrument specialist, Michael Manderen, and on continuo playing. This year, he added the Bartoque guitar to the mix. I was happy to see the development and as always, and encourage each student’s special interest as much as possible. Fortunately, the Con owns these early instruments for the student’s use. (Collin has ordered his own theorbo, but it won’t arrive for him until later this summer).

His senior recital featured all three instruments, in a brave (and exhausting) display of instrumental prowess.

Starting with the Baroque guitar, and performing standing up, Collin played music of Foscarini with delicacy and attention to detail. Turning then to the theorbo, he played a lengthy group of works by Kapsberger, ending with the major work, Toccata prima. Finally, he turned to the classical guitar for works by Torroba and Giuliani. It was an impressive and delightfully varied program, a fitting capstone to his work at Oberlin Conservatory. Bravo Collin, and best of luck going forward!!

Here are some images from the evening; the program follows.


Caeli Massey's Sophomore Recital

Caeli Massey's Sophomore Recital

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