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Mohit Dubey's Junior Recital CD is Reviewed

Mohit Dubey's Junior Recital CD is Reviewed

I've always encouraged my students to go into "the studio" to record their recital programs properly. To save for posterity the work they invested in the music, but with the professional benefits of proper editing and mastering, and with good mikes and controlled sound. And in tune.


Many react enthusiastically to the notion, but few have ever followed through. Last summer, Mohit Dubey, hot after his junior recital, decided to take me up on the challenge. He booked a day in a very special acoustical space and, assisted by a friend who is an experienced engineer and a bit of the necessary equipment, recorded his entire program in one day. He then went "all the way"--designing a cover and having it pressed. Shortly afterwards, in a truly professional gesture, he sent the CD out to magazines and blogs to see if anyone would take notice. 

His program consisted of: Lute Suite in E minor, BWV 996 (J.S. Bach); Etude No. 1 in C major and Etude No. 8 in G major (Regondi); Suite Venezolana (Lauro); Libra Sonatine (Dyens); Allah Kabeer (Fairuz, arr. Dubey).

The CD came out beautifully. The sound is gorgeous, and it represents the best playing I'd ever heard him do. But I never expected it to get reviewed. And then Classical Guitar Online published a review of it. And it is a terrific review. Here is the CD:


The reviewer, Blair Jackson, wrote "it would appear he has a bright musical future in front of him"; and then describes his playing, variously, as "well-executed", "particularly pretty", and "particularly effective". He describes Mohit's arrangement of a song by Fairuz (the celebrated Lebanese singer) as "spare and elegant...opens then blooms like an exquisite flower". 

Congratulations, Mohit, for this firm step into the professional world!

Check out the entire review here.

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