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Student "Extra" Performing, F '18

Student "Extra" Performing, F '18

Every semester, Oberlin students perform more than the required amount. Sometimes these performances range widely in terms of style and type. This is a glimpse of some of this semester’s over-and-above performing in the Guitar Studio:

Collin Sterne played with the Baroque Orchestra:


Mohit Dubey played with Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME)—here rehearsing with Tim Weiss at the baton:


Aidan Wiley Lippke played double bass in the “pit orchestra” for the Theatre Department’s production of Cabaret:


Craig Slagh and Caeli Massey played several times at the local music store, The Woodshed’s weekly open mike concerts:


Mohit accompanied the flamenco dance class and concert:


In addition, Mohit played in the PI Ensembles concert, Collin played on a Historical Performance Departmental recital, and, there were others. Of course, they also played in guest master classes taught by Grisha Goryachev, SoloDuo and members of Los Romeros. I’m immensely proud of my students when they take on additional performances and get involved in extracurricular musical collaborations. This is a vital part of what being a musician is all about. Bravo to all for their enthusiasm for performing!

Fall 2018 Studio Recital

Fall 2018 Studio Recital

Mohit Dubey's Senior Recital

Mohit Dubey's Senior Recital