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Now, At 100,000 Page Views, A Look Back

Now, At 100,000 Page Views, A Look Back

When I started writing this blog, I had no idea where it would lead. I had no grand plans, no ulterior motives, no secret agenda. I just wanted to write on the subject of the guitar and share my thoughts with anyone who was interested. The only ground rules I established for myself at the outset were that I would not write about myself, at least not directly, and that I would not try and sell stuff. The blog was to be for and about my students and guitar students in general, and about the classical guitar field in both broad strokes and minute details. I ended up including pieces about my student's activities, and the programs where I teach, about guitar technique and the challenges and opportunities that guitarists face, and a few profiles on alumni. I had no idea how long it would go (and still don't) or how many people would take notice.


Needless to say, I'm gratified so many have found it of interest. As expected, few have elected to comment on the blog itself, saving comments for the much more visible platform of Facebook. I've enjoyed the comment threads that some posts generated and am delighted so many have chimed in. Thank you everyone, for visiting and reading and for occasionally contributing to the conversations.


So far, there have been 163 posts. Here is a brief recap of the articles that have appeared.

On Technique (21):

The Ascending Slur

The Descending Slur

The Arpeggio I

The Arpeggio II: Preparing (Planting)

Tremolo I

Tremolo II

Tremolo III

Balance I

Balance II
Balance III

Lighten Up! Squeezing with the Left Hand

Dampening Strings


Velocity: Fast i-m Alternation, Now

Left Hand Shifting I

Tone Production

On Playing Louder

Practicing I: What To Do in the Practice Room

Practicing II: Time Management

Practicing III: Hints and Tips


On Practicing, Performing and General Guitar-Related or Musical Topics (27):

The Hemiola

Sight-Reading on the Guitar

Why Mixed Chamber Music?

Chamber Music Score Prep


Making Faces While Playing

Rhythm/Meter/Tempo/Groove: Playing in Time

Playing the Melody with Good Rhythm

Memorizing Part 1: Three Legs to Stand On

Memorizing Part 2: Doing It Backwards

Guitar Music on Other Instruments

On Phrasing

Eliminate the Hard Parts: Editing the Score

Finger It Differently on the Repeat

The Pleasures and the Dangers of Reference Recordings

Perfect Fingering or Sight-Reading: Reconciling Two Opposites

Practicing and the iPhone

My Tortured Relationship with the Digital Tuner

Tuning the Guitar Without a Digital Tuner

Curiosity: Can it Help Us Become Better Musicians?

Preparing Lots of Music at the Same Time

Fingering for Dotted Rhythms

Stage Deportment I: Why We Bow

Stage Deportment II: Clothes

Stage Deportment III: Music Stands and Scores

Stage Deportment IV: Playing Well With Others

Programming: Creating Satisfying Recital Programs


On Opportunities for Guitarists (10):

More Student Recitals

The Student Recital Tour

Guitar and the Fulbright, Part 1

Guitar and the Fulbright, Part 2

Guest Artists: Bringing the World to Your Doorstep

Guitar Competitions

On Being a Joiner
Akron Guitar Program Survived!

The Guitar Riches of Northeast Ohio I: Concerts

Guest Artist Master List

Chamber Music My Students Have Performed


"Spotlights on Alumni" (13 so far, many more to come...):

Josinaldo Costa

Matthew Hinsley

Alexander Dean

Kurt Reed

Rusty Jones

Rami Vamos

Adam Sarata

Bret Hoag

Randall Avers

Christopher Mallett

Scott Schwertfeger

Benjamin Cantú

Theresa Calpotura


On Student Activities (recitals, master classes, special events, etc.)--80.


On Visiting Guest Artists--23.










Your Instrument's Set-Up

Your Instrument's Set-Up

Programming: Creating Satisfying Recital Programs

Programming: Creating Satisfying Recital Programs